Reach new and game-changing levels of performance by modernizing your agency’s IT capabilities. Craft your IT strategy, business cases, systems architecture, IT governance structure, and CPIC operations so your organization is ready to maximize its digital future.

Oxford recognizes that adherence to overall agency goals, as well as the alignment of business functions on a strategic level, is important.  In order to do this, it is oftentimes beneficial for federal agencies to look for an outside source to assist with an unbiased approach in providing:

  • An objective look at business processes, functions, and groups and in turn classifying their importance and providing any recommendations for change
  • Solutions/services that are best equipped to help an organization accomplish its multiple mission areas without sacrificing its overall strategy
  • A path for transition and optimization of business processes and functions

Consulting as a practice is a broad field, and can be applied to various sectors, methodologies, and areas of expertise.  Management consulting assesses existing organizational challenges, needs, and areas of improvement.  After assessment, strategic recommendations and a plan for improvement is proposed and implemented.  Through this entire process, good consultants will take note of lessons learned, organizational challenges, and any inherent barriers to change.  They can then tailor a dynamic and adaptable approach to solving existing organizational problems and preventing future ones.

Oxford consultants utilize standardized proven procedural based approaches, are creative in our recommendations, and are extremely capable in our service delivery.   We work hand in hand with clients, trying to increase internal efficacy through collaboration.  We recognize and try to create opportunities that build employee skills, knowledge, and leadership though our recommended actions.

Our processes are designed to be repeatable, and we provide sustainable methods and solutions once our client services are complete.  We provide our clients with the training and knowledge to utilize any approach we implement.  Our in-depth knowledge of the federal contracting environment allows us to provide federal solutions and frameworks that meet internal and external stakeholder requirements.  Ultimately, our goal is for your organization to look back at the work we did and realize the value created by Oxford for your organization.  We aim to be the technology consultant of choice for federal government organizations.

Oxford has established a high standard and benchmark in the management consulting field. Our goal is to provide our clients with a dynamic team of technology consultants that in turn provide effective and efficient solutions to organizational issues, while accomplishing major client milestones with relative ease.



What We Do

  Strategic Planning

  IT Governance and Stakeholder Management

  IT Capital Planning Investment Control

  Enterprise Architecture

  Project Management Office Operations

  Human Capital Planning and Development

  Customer Service Transformation

  CIO Advisory Services

  Services Management

  Records and Document Management

Alignment of technology and business mission goals has become an integral part of every organization’s ability to plan and operate effectively.  However, this overall process, known as IT Strategic Planning, can be challenging for any organization.

Commitment by management, the organizational climate, and resistance to change can all be inherent barriers in the strategic planning process. Furthermore, IT Strategic Planning is an organization-wide effort with inputs being pulled from different internal and external stakeholders.

Oxford assists cabinet level agencies in guiding them past barriers and challenges that may be present, implementing a sound IT Strategic Planning process through organizational collaboration, by establishing a culture of performance excellence, and via effective change management. Through previous and current efforts with our clients, Oxford has established an IT Strategic Planning Line of Sight, pictured.

What We Do

After a clear plan is set into motion, Oxford strategy consultants will help your agency transform performance management, compliance activities, and best practices into iterative processes that will ensure IT success now and for the future.


  IT Strategic Plan Development

  Strategy Alignment (Capital Planning, IT Portfolio Management, IT Governance, Legislative and Oversight alignment, Shared Services)

  IT Governance Facilitation

  Roadmap Development

  IT Strategy Process and Operating Model Development

  Strategic Business Management, including the principles of “Technology Business Management” (TBM) and “IT Modernization”

Our proven IT Strategic Planning methodology has assisted federal agencies in defining a clear strategy, putting the right tools in place to facilitate change, and assisting managers in overseeing the implementation of new IT-related efforts.



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